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Refresher Course Schedule

Information on Renewal of Registration: Refresher Course Requirements 

Information for Diploma Holders - B.Pharm (Practice Course) Announcement

Renewal Notifiaction : Copy of Aadhar Card is compulsory for Renewal of Registration

NOTIFICATION FOR CHANGE OF JOB : It is duty of registered pharmacists to inform Gujarat State Pharmacy Council, Food & Drug Control Administration or any concerned Authority regarding their change of Job. To fail on this, Gujarat State Pharmacy Council initiated action against such pharmacists under Pharmacy Act, 1948.

Update Profile through Online application System : Update your Aadhar No., Mobile No., Email-Id, Residential address and Business address at earliest. Without updating your application for Renewal, Re-entry etc. will not be entertained. 

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Affidavit : Pharmacy students who had completed their Pharmacy Education (D.Pharm / B.Pharm / Pharm.D.) from Gujarat or other states and who is already registered pharmacist in other  state and want to apply for fresh registration in Gujarat State Pharmacy Council have to submit affidavit as per Annexure – C at Gujarat State Pharmacy Council. 


Circular : Refresher Course

Select list of Candidates for the post of Executive Officer whose interview held on dt : 19/09/2019

List Of Suspended Pharmacists

List of pharmacists whose licenses were suspended as per Pharmacy Act 1948 for 1 year

Revised Fees - November 2019

All Registered Pharmacist have to Compulsory submit their Updated Profile to Gujarat State Pharmacy Council till 31st December, 2019.

Caution To Registered Pharmacist

Guideline For Updation Profile

Gujarat State Pharmacy Council President Shri Montubhai Patel was bestowed with “Pharma Ratan 2019 for Best Administrator”

Details Of Pharmacy Registration Guidance Camp 2020

List of Pharmacists whose Pharmacy Registration Certification Suspended under Pharmacy Act 1945 for 1 year

Pharmacist warriors for Covid 19 outbreak.