duplicate renewal receipt

Duplicate Renewal Receipt

A Registered Pharmacist is eligible to get duplicate receipt of their Pharmacy Registration Certificate under the following circumstances.

1. The receipt is irrecoverably lost, or
2. The receipt is damaged severely

In the case of damage, the Registered Pharmacist will submit an application (Specimen as per Annexure- F) in white paper, stating the facts, along with the damaged receipt and other documents as required. In case the receipt is lost, an affidavit (Specimen as per Annexure-G) on the stamp paper worth Rs.20/- (Rupees Twenty only) and signed by a judicial officer, not below the rank of I st class Judicial Magistrate, should be submitted. The prescribed fee for the duplicate receipt should also be submitted.

List of Documents Required

1. Application for Duplicate Receipt

2. Affidavit for Duplicate Receipt

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Fees for Application

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