dic services

dic services

1. To run Health care centre

DIC has set up health care centre. Here each and every person can ask their health problem as well as drug information with out any cost.  Information and services will furnished to general public with the help of fully authenticated software from internationally reputed database (Micromedex's Drugdex, USA). 

Timing of Health care centre:  11 am to 6 pm.


2. To conduct Refresher Course

Registered Pharmacists should take part in Refresher Course. The aim to run a refresher course to educate registered pharmacists and to encourage a pharmacist to connect physician and patient.


3. To publish drug info bulletin and health newsletter

DIC has published various publications like drug info bulletin (Quarterly in a Year) and Health newsletter (Each Month). The purpose of publication is to educate and aware the general public regarding health education.


4. Reporting and investigating ADR

DIC also invite all healthcare professionals to report the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) faced by patients. These data can be used by professional bodies in deciding the susceptibility and severity of ADR. ADR reporting form is available on website.


5. Assistance on drug usage to patients

DIC has accepted the query regarding drug information with associated problems. Query form is available on website. It provides professional assistance for investigations in drug usage.