course detail

course detail


1).           Drugs Interactions.

2)            Drugs Incompatibilities

3).           Bio-availabilities of Drugs

4).           Evaluation of Drugs Interactions

5).           Evaluation Drug-Food Interactions

6).           Evaluation of Drug and Herbal Drugs Interactions

7).           Ethical Pharmacy Practice

8).           Good Storage Practice

9).           New Drugs and Safety Approach

10).        Duties of the pharmacists

11).        Prescription Handling

12).        Drugs and Cosmetics Act & Rules

13).        Pharmacy Act

14).        Essential Commodities Act

15).        Drugs Prices Control Order

16).        Drugs and Magic Remedies Act

17).        Pharmacopoeias

18).        Drugs Information for patient counseling

19).        Drugs store Management

20).        Role of Hospital Pharmacists in India

21).        Storage conditions for Hospital Drugs

22).        Computers in purchase and stores Management

23).        Management of Surplus, Obsolete and unserviceable Materials and Scrap

24).        Pharmacy Profession in India and advanced countries

25).        Adverse Drugs Reactions

26).        Consumer Profession Act

27).        Patent Laws

28).        Import & Export of Drugs

29).        Storage of Drugs

30).        Novel Drug Delivery System

31).        Role of Pharmacists in health care programme and concept of community pharmacy

32)          Prescription handling and Patients education

33).        Rational Use of Drugs

34).        Application of Computers in Hospital Pharmacy

35).        Therapeutic update on Selected disorders-Diabetes

36).        Patient Counseling on Anti-Tubercular Drugs

37).        Immunization-Significance, Schedules, Products available

38).        Clinical Pharmacy

39).        Therapeutic update on selected disorder: Asthma, AIDS and      Hypertension

40).        Emergency management of poisoning etc...

41).        Self medication and its demerits

42).        Role of Pharmacist in cholesterol management

43).        Interpretation of laboratory values

44).        Medication adherence

45).        Patients compliance

46).        Patient instructions

47).        Drugs used in special patient populations

48).        Medication error

49).        Essential Drugs and rational drug therapy

50).        Accreditation of drug stores

51).        Common symptoms like fever and vomiting management options

52).        Role of pharmacist in contagious diseases management

53).        Pharmaceutical care concepts

54).        Common symptom management like fever and vomiting

55).        Digitalization of Retail Medical Stores

56).        Pharmacy Practice Regulation-2015